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Cultural Awareness

When considering the creation of a new or enhanced outreach program, a crucial element is the development of cultural awareness. Culture can be defined as the sum of one’s beliefs, rituals, customs and behaviors that guide one’s life; they are learned through one’s family and environment and passed down through generations.

The ability to respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, in a manner that affirms their worth and dignity, is cultural competence.  There is a growing awareness among health and social services professionals that failure to address cultural differences leads to mistrust, conflict and potential ineffectiveness or failure of a program.

There is a culture of poverty as well, as there is with all economic classes.    The focus of the Christ Child Society is on people in poverty, so combined with all of the other cultural issues we need to be aware of, we need to understand the culture of generational poverty. Read More

Hidden Rules Exercise
Poverty and Culture Resource List


“Love in the heart of a child for Christ…was the inspiration which gave birth to the Christ Child Society.”

Mary Virginia Merrick, Servant of God

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