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Who We Are

As a member of a Christ Child chapter, every member is also a member of the National Christ Child Society—and receives support from a professional National staff and vibrant volunteer leadership drawn from chapters across the country. The National organization helps extend and expand the Society’s message and mission – and helps chapters build their leadership and impact. Our challenge, overcoming poverty one child at a time, is now the mission of over 5,500 members in 45 communities.  Joining a chapter means joining a community that shares the love of children and the Christ Child—and making life-long friends with whom you can improve children’s lives together.

Inclusion Statement

The Christ Child Society’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is deeply rooted in the beliefs of our founder Mary Virginia Merrick. We work to appreciate and honor the background, life experiences and inherent dignity of those we serve through our local Chapters. We strive to be inclusive and value diversity in our members, staff and community partners throughout the country.  We adhere to our mission by serving ALL children and families in need of resources.

Our Values

Serving the needs of children with others creates life-long friendships with a purpose.

For over 130 years, NCCS has made a difference in communities in which it serves, often partnering with other organizations to “find a need and fill it.”

NCCS sees the Christ Child in every child, treating them with the attention and respect they deserve

The Programs of NCCS chapters help children increase skills, self esteem, promote resiliency and increase self sufficiency.

“Nothing is ever too much to do for a child” guides NCCS in its mission and growth. Service that comes from love changes everyone in positive ways.

Our Leadership

The National Christ Child Society is led and operated by a small staff and 12-member volunteer Board of Directors from across the country. The staff works closely with our Board from a small office in metropolitan Washington, D.C. The NCCS 2022-24 Board and staff partner to support our chapters, help grow their impact, raise awareness of our mission, and expand to new areas.

Each member of the National Board is a current member of a local Christ Child chapter, and our Executive Director is a member of the Washington, D.C. chapter. We are guided by a 2022-2027 Strategic Plan,  which focuses on creating and improving literacy and other high-impact programs, enhancing our communications at the National and chapter level, and providing new and improved educational and networking opportunities. We are also focused on building National and chapter leadership capabilities and securing new sources of financial support for our mission.

“Love in the heart of a child for Christ…was the inspiration which gave birth to the Christ Child Society.”

Mary Virginia Merrick, Servant of God

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