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Member Resources

Welcome to the National Christ Child Society Member Resource Center.  Please watch an introduction from
Carol Pickle, NCCS Immediate Past President

Whether you are a brand new chapter member or a longstanding chapter leader, we hope you find valuable information and tools here that will help you serve the children in your community more easily and effectively.

This section provides information members can use in your service for Christ Child:

  • To answer general questions about the organization

  • To download the Manuals for Challenging Poverty and the Day of Service Handbook

  • To evaluate Program Materials for a wide variety of chapter programs

  • To review your role as a Chapter Leader – including roles as President, Treasurer, Secretary and Program Chairs.

  • To help you communicate effectively with your community using our Marketing and Branding resources.

  • To be inspired and to be able to inspire others with the spiritual foundation of our Society

National Christ Child Office information

2020 NCCS Get to Know Us Video

NCCS 2017 Annual Report

2015 Challenging Poverty: One Child At A Time Manual

2019 National Day of Service Handbook

The Christ Child Society Timeline

Webinar on the Life and Legacy of Mary Virginia Merrick

Fundraising Resources

Every chapter needs to raise funds to ensure ongoing support for its programs. We have had some great examples of small and large chapter fundraisers presented at Conferences and Conventions. 


We encourage you to take a look at the ideas listed below for inspiration as you plan your own chapter fundraisers.

Fundraising Ideas from various chapters


Our committed volunteer members are the heart and hands of the Christ Child Society. Our chapters welcome members with diverse skills and backgrounds who are interested in making a difference in children’s lives. Chapters offer members a variety of volunteering opportunities along with the opportunity to make new friends, have fun and learn new skills.

All chapters, whether young or old, small or large, must focus on recruiting, retaining and recognizing members to ensure they remain able to carry out their mission and execute their programs. In addition to reviewing the Membership section of the NCCS Chapter Guide, we encourage you to explore the resources below to help your local chapter strengthen membership.

Included below are applications, speeches, fliers and other materials used by various chapters to help recruit new members.

Chapter Samples

Sample Membership Applications for New Members

Sample Membership Application for Provisional Members

Sample New Member Installation Ceremony

Why Become a Member of the Christ Child Society?

Using the NCCS Brand Values Matrix to Recruit New Members

Sample Event Flier Encouraging New Members

Sample Recruitment Campaign using Chapter Milestone

Marketing & Communications

The Christ Child Society has been in existence since 1887 and has developed a valuable brand.  NCCS has many resources to help you apply the Christ Child Society identity in a consistent manner to further strengthen our organization and build awareness and equity of the brand itself.

Our brand reflects the National Christ Child Society values. We are Empowering, Dignifying, Loving, Serving and Engaging. These values should be woven into our communications in ways that relate to the audiences and communities we are reaching out to.

Our national and chapter logos and marketing materials embody the spirit of our vision and the substance of our culture. NCCS provided professional logo files to each chapter in 2016. If you are unable to locate the files, please contact the office and we will provide you with another set.

Please use our brand guidelines and brand values matrix to help your chapter effectively communicate your story and gain awareness through association with the national organization and its 46 chapters across the United States.

National Christ Child Brochure

Brand Guidelines

Brand Values Matrix

Telling Stories with the Brand Values Matrix

NCCS expanded color palette

Christ Child Society Promotional Seal

Christ Child Society Historical Emblem

Photo Release-Adult

Photo Release-Child

Power PR-Promotion Planning that Works

Social Media for Mission Resource List

Red Wagon Image

All files in Marketing and Communications – this is a zip file containing all of the Marketing and Communications resources so you can extract them as needed and have them on your local computer. Click here for the zip file.

Please visit our Videos & Webinars page to view our webinar Using Social Media to Connect People to Your Christ Child Society Chapter and access valuable resources to assist in the development and maintenance of your chapter’s social media presence.

Fundraising Resources
Marketing & Communications
Leadership Resources
Leadership Resources

If you are a chapter leader, you can streamline your work by taking advantage of detailed resources designed just for you.  You can start with the Chapter Guide, which is the NCCS “encyclopedia” for chapter leaders, or focus on the toolkits and other documents available for the various types of chapter officers.  Either way, we encourage those who are installed as chapter officers to review these materials at the beginning of their terms, and for those interested in potentially serving as a chapter officer to investigate these resources in advance.  For chapter leaders with responsibilities for programs, marketing & communications, fundraising and spirituality, there is a separate resource page for each of these topics.

NCCS Chapter Guide

This is your complete guide for educating your leaders and members and will help you run an effective chapter so you can more effectively serve more children. You will find helpful information on NCCS’ relationship with its chapters, chapter roles and responsibilities, policies & procedures, program and membership and much more in the NCCS Chapter Guide.

Chapter Leadership Resources:

President’s Toolkit

Treasurer’s Toolkit

Secretary’s Toolkit

Total Board Leadership Package – This is a zip file containing all of the files so you can extract them as needed and have on your local computer. Chapter Guide with All Toolkits.


Mary Virginia Merrick was known for her direct service to children, a service born of, and constantly inspired by, her love and devotion to the Incarnation, for love of the Christ Child.  She saw each child as the Christ Child and took seriously the Gospel call, “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” Father Ted Hesburgh, Notre Dame President Emeritus (featured below in the video filmed just before his death in 2015) said “her life is an example to men and women everywhere that together we can positively influence social change.”

We encourage all chapter members who come together for a meeting, to recite the Christ Child Society prayer and to offer members opportunities for personal spiritual growth. Some of these opportunities may include celebrating Founder’s Day on or around March 25th (the Annunciation of our Lord), Retreats or Days of Reflection during Lent or Advent, Commitment Rituals for members, or attending Mass together periodically.

Several spiritual resources are included here, but please contact the office if you are looking for more information and we will help.


Visit our Videos and Webinars page to find an inspiring video presentation on The Life & Legacy of Mary Virginia Merrick.

For more information on our founder and the cause for canonization please visit and follow us on

Facebook @MaryVirginiaMerrick and Twitter @maryVmerrick.


“Love in the heart of a child for Christ…was the inspiration which gave birth to the Christ Child Society.”

Mary Virginia Merrick, Servant of God

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