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2024 NCCS Convention

All Members are invited to attend the 47th Biennial Convention in Omaha, Nebraska September 19-21, 2024!

The National Christ Child Society, through its chapters, is dedicated to serving children in need of resources, regardless of race or creed.

Founded by Mary Virginia Merrick, known today as a pioneer in American Catholic social reform, the National Christ Child Society makes a difference in the lives of the young.  Each of our chapters’ programs is tailored to the needs of their community. Although many Christ Child chapters serve children in the same ways, the local organizations lead the way, and their members set the tone for how to accomplish their goals.

Our Mission

Chapter Present in State

No Chapter Present in State

Our history begins with an extraordinary woman, Mary Virginia Merrick. She gathered family and friends with an idea to serve one newborn in need. This idea became her lifelong mission and has grown to over 5,500 members, in 45 cities and has helped thousands of children. 

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