What We Do

Each Christ Child chapter develops and runs programs that meet local needs. Through our “Challenging Poverty” initiative, the national organization provides chapters with education, consultation and financial support to help them deliver these programs with maximum impact.

We focus on 3 major areas, all of which serve to help families in need.


As we work to address the massive 400:1 deficit in face-to-face reading hours between under-resourced children compared to middle class children, we focus on building literacy.  Here’s how:

  • We spend time (more than 21,000 hours) reading to children.
  • We donate books (over 40,000) to local children for their own “personal libraries.”
  • We distribute our “Read to Me” cards (often with books) to help parents and caregivers understand the value of increasing vocabulary through talking and reading.
  • We work with local schools and organizations and provide them with volunteers to increase reading skills and comprehension.


We empower children by helping children and families with training, and multi-disciplinary activities.  Here’s how:

  • We help kids build life skills, self-esteem and respect for others one on one, and in classes. We deliver wellness programs and programs that teach babysitting skills.
  • We show children multiple multi-sensory activities and ways to experience nature – such as working with elementary school gardens.
  • We teach young women how to handle the unique family, social and academic challenges in lower and middle school. We coach parents and caregivers to develop their parenting skills.
  • We include respite in our parenting programs, to give parents an opportunity to take a short break to relax while they learn, and while their children are being supervised in enrichment activities


Families in poverty find it difficult to meet basic needs. Here’s what we do to help provide:

  • We celebrate newborns to make first days easier for new parents. 23,000 babies went home from the hospital with a layette filled with essentials, baby board books and care information provided by the Christ Child Society.
  • We provide children warmth through much needed coats, shoes, hats and scarves.
  • We dignify donations by providing “matched” outfits and often allowing kids to “shop”. One chapter alone fully clothed 4,000 children last year.
  • We provide many forms of transitional or crisis assistance, with school supplies, hygiene packs and/or backpacks including toys, journals, clothing, quilts/blankets and other essentials.

Click here to see the 2017 Annual Report and learn more about our work, our successes and our impact.

We are the volunteers of Christ Child Society, working to bridge the gap, providing assistance where needed in our communities – our actions come from love. To join us, please see find a chapter or contact our office.