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President's Thanksgiving Message

“This service was a joy to me, for I would see the Christ Child in the least of them, and their pleasure was His thanks-I wanted none other.”  Mary Virginia Merrick, Founder

Mary Virginia’s quote is powerful, and that is why the Christ Child members are so important and need to be celebrated on this Thanksgiving Holiday. We volunteer not for our pleasure but for the happiness of those we serve. Our Precious Christ Child knows and blesses all of us for doing His work on Earth.

We at NCCS know YOU matter. YOU make a difference. Your great generosity has had a lasting impact on all 45 chapters across the communities we serve in this great nation for over 136 years.  Your willingness to share both your time and your talent by volunteering with the Christ Child Society says a lot about each of you as human beings. You continue to give selflessly to help others which speaks volumes about the quality of your character.

When you volunteer, you are making a commitment to share the most precious of resources – your time – to make life better for those who are in need. Your continued labors and generosity make an impact, of course, but perhaps it is your willingness to share your time and talent to lend a helping hand showing kindness that makes the greatest difference in the peoples lives.

I have a heartfelt story to share with you. Last year in Tucson, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, we collected grocery store gift cards to give anonymously to those in need, with the hope that families will experience a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. A young mom with small children was a recipient of a gift card and came back to the store in tears. She told Customer Service, she did not know who gave her the card but this gift allowed her to provide her family with an enormous precooked Thanksgiving Feast. She sobbed as she shared that if she did not receive this gift, the family only had enough money for Cheerios for their Thanksgiving dinner. This story conveys the gratitude of the people the Christ Child Society works tirelessly to support.

Your dedication to the Christ Child Society shows selfless volunteerism with no expectation for reward or recognition. Thanksgiving time is the perfect time to shine the light on that selfless service and say YOU are appreciated! Your EFFORT truly makes a difference in the lives of the children and families you serve. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

May you and your family receive many blessings this Thanksgiving.

Yours in the name of our Christ Child,

Angela Schneider

National Christ Child Society President

NCCS Thanksgiving23
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