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NCCS ~ A Great Resource

What does National or NCCS do for me and my chapter? This is a question which may have run through your mind at various times, especially if your chapter is struggling with an issue or simply looking for new ideas. NCCS can be a great resource.

For you and your chapter, NCCS can be the source of a tremendous amount of information and ideas and offer an historical perspective. We are a repository and focal point for networking, grants, guidance, education, fundraising and leadership. If we think of NCCS as the matriarch of a family of over 5500 members in 45 cities, she is responsible for gathering an abundance of knowledge and, in turn, communicating it back to all. She is always acting in your best interest and always there to share ideas and help all of us work together. She is cheering everyone on and encouraging them to find and serve more children who are in need.

Through National Christ Child Society you can find an abundance of new ideas or perhaps discounts on items such as books and clothing, as well as guidance toward applying for grants. In 2023 alone, NCCS provided over $27,500 grants to help with your local programs.

Looking for a new idea or a grant opportunity? Please reach out to your Chapter Liaison or to our very knowledgeable team at NCCS headquarters in Rockville, MD. We are just a phone call or quick email away from supporting you and your chapter in growing your service to local community children who are in need of resources.

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