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NCCS Monthly Connections 9.15.23

Connecting to National with Fun Facts and News


September 2023

  • In 1923, the first National Christ Child Society Newsletter was printed. Also in that year, chapters in Annapolis, MD and El Paso, TX were established and 100 years later both are still going strong!

  • November is right around the corner and the NCCS Programs committee is looking forward to launching the “United in Service” program. If you have any questions or need more information about the program contact the NCCS Office.

  • Welcome back to Terri Mohler- Director at Large, Toledo Chapter for filling the vacancy on the NCCS Board. Thank you for your time of service on the Board, Katherine Norton Warren, Washington D.C. Chapter!

"Try to accept people as they are. Do not feel it incumbent upon you to correct or admonish. Praise all you can. Call attention very quietly when you can; otherwise let all pass." Mary Virginia Merrick, Founder

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