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NCCS Monthly Connections 8.15.23

Connecting to National with Fun Facts and News


August 2023

  • Soon after its founding, Mary Virginia Merrick sought to make the Christ Child Society an efficient organization run in a business-like manner. CCS provided educational opportunities for members to gather and learn best practices in charitable work. The first printed impact report of the Society was a one-page leaflet printed and sent out to members and benefactors.

  • In 1894 and 1896 the annual reports refer to a group of leaders Miss Merrick refers to as “my Council” a forerunner of a Board of Directors named in 1902.

  • Gatherings were a part of Miss Mary's plan for the Society. The first retreat for members was held in 1908. A history of the Society written by Mildred Merrick refers to “our first public meeting” around 1898. The YouTube video on the Life and Legacy of MVM refers to round table discussions held with volunteers and the department of Social Work at Catholic University. There is also a reference to a 1932 National Convention. 

All members are invited to attend the upcoming

National Conference, September 29-30

at the Bolger Center in Potomac, MD.

Registration is closing soon! More information can be found at

“ Let not a day pass without having learned something, without having overcome yourself in something, without having performed a kind act, without having accomplished something."

Mary Virginia Merrick, Founder


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