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NCCS Monthly Connections 5.15.23

Connecting to National with Fun Facts and News


May 2023

  • This year National partnered with a group of students from Loyola for their capstone project which allowed our NCCS website to get a refresh. Member Resources are now password protected in order to keep the website clean and simplified for the public. The password is MVMNCCS1887


  • Mary Virginia Merrick wrote religion textbooks for children.

  • Past NCCS President Carol Pickle has gone back to her nonprofessional acting career. She just made her debut in the Church's melodrama the "Perils on the High Seas" as Ms. Begood, Congratulations Carol!

Jesus loves each one of us, and God's love can do all things, so at Mass His love makes it possible for children of the whole world to crowd around His Cross.

Mary Virginia Merrick, Founder

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