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NCCS Monthly Connections 12.15.23

Updated: Mar 24

Connecting to National with Fun Facts and News


December 2023

Did you know that the NCCS Annual Appeal is the only fundraiser that National hosts to offset operating costs?

Here are some stats from our generous members and friends.

  • 781 Year to Date Donors for 2023.

  • NCCS boasts a 59.8% donor retention rate ~ well above the average of most organizations.

  • Highest Donation Amounts per State

1. Ohio

2. Michigan

3. California

  • Coffee Cup Club has grown 160%! This Club was started in 2020 and is geared to donors who contribute monthly amounts to show their support.

"Let every beautiful sight and sound uplift you nearer to Him in gratitude.”  

Mary Virginia Merrick, Founder


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