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National Day of Service: 2020

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The National Christ Child Society (NCCS) has been making a difference in the lives of children in need for 133 years. We continue to make our presence known by raising awareness of our national organization as a federation of chapters with local impact in 45 communities.

The NCCS National Day of Service (NDS) provides chapters with an opportunity to tell the Christ Child Society story on a national and local level. Since we started this program four years ago, we have seen many Christ Child Society chapters featured in local newspapers and Church bulletins before and after their participation in NDS. We hope to expand press coverage into more media markets each year. Not only is this a great way to tell your chapter’s story, it is a great opportunity for member recruitment, community engagement and fundraising. It also provides a way to energize and recommit current members.

This year’s National Day of Service event will be held during the week of October 25th- 31st. Our previous themes have been: 2016 – “Layettes of Love” 2017 – “Make a Difference: Read to Me” 2018 – “Make a Difference: Read to Me” 2019 – “Read to Me: Inspire Me to Learn

This year’s theme is: “Energize • Inspire • Engage: Expanding our Reach”. The goal of this theme is to encourage chapters to customize an event around an existing program or an unfilled need in their community.

National Day of Service
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National Day of Service 2020 Resources
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