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Tina Bailey

Director at Large

Director at Large

Tina Bailey has worked as a licensed cosmetologist for many years, integrating her work and home life along with volunteering in many different capacities. Tina married her husband Steve, in 1991. As their three sons joined the family, she gradually spent more and more time as a stay-at-home mom and avid volunteer.
At her parish, Most Precious Blood, Tina designed and ran a Scrip program to benefit the parish school and the families. In addition, Tina designed and published the parish newsletter for many years along with decorating the church for all seasons.
In the Fall of 2008, Tina joined the Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne. She began by immediately becoming the Communications liaison with the Board of Directors and began publishing the quarterly member newsletters. In 2016, Tina was asked to help with the redesign of the Chapter’s website and the rebranding of the Fort Wayne Chapter. She enthusiastically tackled this task and vowed to improve the Christ Child Society’s impact in Fort Wayne. No more would the Christ Child Society be Fort Wayne’s “best kept secret.” In addition to Tina’s passion for getting the word out, she has served her local chapter as Spiritual Co-Chairman, Recording Secretary, Vice President, and President. Tina is also the recipient of the Fort Wayne Chapter’s honored “Red Wagon Award” for service.
In her free time, Tina enjoys hearing her, now grown, sons laugh while telling their stories; traveling to microbreweries with her husband Steve; creating beautiful photography and publications; and spreading the word about the Christ Child Society.

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