Member Resources

Welcome to the National Christ Child Society Member Resource Center.  Please watch an introduction from Carol Pickle, NCCS President  


Whether you are a brand new chapter member or a longstanding chapter leader, we hope you find valuable information and tools here that will help you serve the children in your community more easily and effectively.

This section provides information members can use in your service for Christ Child:

  • To answer general questions about the organization
  • To download the Manuals for Challenging Poverty and the Day of Service Handbook
  • To evaluate Program Materials for a wide variety of chapter programs
  • To review your role as a Chapter Leader – including roles as President, Treasurer, Secretary and Program Chairs.
  • To help you communicate effectively with your community using our Marketing and Branding resources.
  • To be inspired and to be able to inspire others with the spiritual foundation of our Society

General Member Information

National Christ Child Office information

NCCS 2017 Annual Report

2015 Challenging Poverty: One Child At A Time Manual

2019 National Day of Service Handbook

The Christ Child Society Timeline

Webinar on the Life and Legacy of Mary Virginia Merrick

Leadership Resources

Program Resources

Challenging Poverty


Layettes (Baby Welcome Bundles)

Marketing and Communications