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President's Christmas Message

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

You may be familiar with the well-known Christmas song , “Away in a Manger” whose lyrics tell a very special and personal story. The words express both the joy and the humility of the original Christmas story, and they remind us that Jesus was born into a life of simplicity, born in a manger, with a crib full of straw to comfort His head. There were no Christmas trees, decorations, warm cookies, or snow on the first Christmas. However, the world received the greatest gift of all on that day: Jesus Christ, the Savior and promised Messiah! The lyrics also emphasize the importance of giving, having hope and love which are the most important themes of Christmas. Our Founder, Mary Virginia Merrick, reflected on the humble beginnings of the Christ Child, when she focused on the needs of women who had no one to support them as they delivered their precious babies into this world. No one to comfort them and to provide for them. This inspired Miss Mary to provide layettes full of clothing made with love to comfort their newborn babies. This was the birth of the Christ Child Society. Miss Mary said, “The spirit of the Christ Child Society is one of personal love for the Christ Child expressing itself in the personal service for the least of “His little ones.” May the splendor of the first Christmas night, bring you the glory of His light and let it shine brightly in the world and bless all of you with peace. Wishing you all the gifts of love, hope and service to all in need. Yours in the name of the Christ Child, Angela Schneider National Board President

NCCS Pres Christmas msg 2022
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