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National Day of Service: 2022

The NCCS National Day of Service is the time when all of our chapters spend time with their members and volunteers to make a difference in their community. This year our chapters are working together during the same week and participating in a book drive. Our goals are to have an effective local impact and unified national impact to advance childhood literacy by collecting as many books as possible in one week.

This year’s theme is: "Read – Imagine – Succeed – Embrace the Possibilities"

The dates of October 24 – October 30, 2021 are chosen to honor and celebrate the November 2nd birth of our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick.

Our previous themes have been: 2016 – “Layettes of Love” 2017 – “Make a Difference: Read to Me” 2018 – “Make a Difference: Read to Me” 2019 – “Read to Me: Inspire Me to Learn"

2020 – "Energize • Inspire • Engage: Expanding our Reach”

2021 – "Fostering a Love of Reading – Together"

We have attached the following documents (tools) for you to review and use as your chapters sees fit.

  1. NDS logos and art

  2. NDS Outline

  3. NDS Activity Suggestions

  4. NDS Book Drive Flyer – to share with your members and community

  5. NDS Media article - to share with your local paper

  6. NDS Super Short Report – to be filled out after the event.

  7. NDS Sample artwork

NDS 2022 files
Download ZIP • 6.20MB

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