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Seasons of Love

“Do not consider that in order to be great either in the eyes of men or God, it is necessary to do great deeds.  It is an error; to do well the little duties of everyday life, to perform well the duties of our station is to be great.”                                     Mary Virginia Merrick

Seasons of Love…

CCS of Detroit and Milwaukee
CCS of Fort Wayne touring Milwaukee

At our recent Convention in Milwaukee, where I became your new National President, I was so impressed with our chapter members who were able to attend.  I especially noticed the variety of backgrounds and ages.  Christ Child is made up of 5500 members in different seasons of their lives.  We have those members just starting their families, where the focus is on diapers, preschool and yearning for adult conversation.  Or maybe we are starting new careers and work means there is no such thing as free time or “me” time.  We all then transition to that time where we seem to always be in the car, juggling work, schools, sports and homework while trying to fit in a romantic weekend – heck, we’d even settle for one night out!  Of course there is also the fact that we may never sleep again after our teenagers begin to drive. And once again, work gets in the way of our volunteering and making time for ourselves.

Carol Pickle with Immediate Past President Marybeth Baucco

As years go by and kids leave (come back and leave again…) and we retire or cut back on our workload, we have more time to devote to volunteering and service.  We also travel more and we try our hand at different activities.  We stretch ourselves, quite excited about finally having time to do all of those things we promised, all the things we enjoy.  We spend time with grandchildren, but know that we can give them back when we are done playing.  And finally, we move to that season when the spirit is always willing but the body may be telling us it is time to slow down.  We continue to enjoy life, but may focus on small acts of kindness or memories of a life well lived.  We may also have obligations that prevent us from giving of ourselves as we had done.  And let’s just say it, we may be tired after years and years of service to others.  We have done our part and happily pass the baton to others.

NCCS Gavel Club
Three Chapters in Formation – photo by Richard Beauchamp

We find this on the National level as well as in our chapters.  We look to older, more “seasoned” members for their history and chapter  wisdom and we welcome new members with their enthusiasm and new energy.

This fits right in with our National Board theme for the next two years:  Energize…Inspire…Advance!  We will be calling on our Board and chapter members to develop some creative ideas to continue to energize our membership, inspire our partners, donors and local communities by telling our story and advance
our mission with productive and successful programs in conjunction with great community partnerships.

As I mentioned in my Convention speech, I would love for Christ Child to be the 3-H Club, (similar to the 4-H Club however farm animals are not needed…).  I want all of our members to have Christ Child in their head, their heart and their hands. A thoughtful head, a listening heart and kind hands.  Imagine the possibilities…

So whatever season you may be in, thank you for continuing to support and contribute to Christ Child in whatever way you are able.  I am proud of all of our seasons…seasons of love!


                                         Carol Pickle
                                         NCCS President