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Recommitting to the Christ Child Society


As we begin a new year, let us recommit ourselves to serve those who need us most.


February is upon us which means we are that much closer to spring! Last year I mentioned how much I disliked January-I didn’t even post a Blog this year! But I have been thinking a lot over the last month about how important it is to recommit to what you believe in. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions and even if we aren’t perfect in following those resolutions, it is important to make them and give yourself something to strive for! This led me to think about recommitting to the Christ Child Society.

For those of you lucky enough to attend Conference 2017, we performed a Commitment Ceremony where we all lit candles and your chapter leaders recommitted themselves to the work they do with their chapters.

The following is an excerpt from the ceremony:

“Gracious and loving God, we ask you to bless these chapter leaders to be your heart, hands and feet here on earth. Guide and strengthen them as they commit themselves to embrace what it means to be disciples of faith, love and service.  Fill them with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit so that their words, decisions, and actions will always be directed to the mission of our society and the glory of your name.  And help us, dear Lord, to support them on their way, to encourage them when times are difficult, and to rejoice with them at the end of the day.”  

 These words do not only apply to chapter leaders but to all members because without your dedication and the hours you give of yourself, we would be nothing. YOU are the heart, hands and feet of the Christ Child today. YOUR love leads to action. YOU are making a difference in the lives of the children you serve.

Here is another excerpt from our commitment ceremony:

“Following Jesus is a serious task, and, at the same time, one filled with joy; it takes a certain daring and courage to recognize the divine Master in the poorest of the poor and to give oneself in their service. In order to do so, volunteers, who out of love of Jesus serve the poor and the needy, do not expect any thanks or recompense.”

This month let’s all recommit to the mission of Mary Virginia Merrick and make 2018 a year of service, love and commitment to all that the Christ Child Society stands for.


Marybeth Baucco

NCCS President

2 thoughts on “Recommitting to the Christ Child Society

  1. I would recommend that the excerpts from the ceremony be in a future newsletter and perhaps we might even recommend that this prayer be used at our meetings along with The Christ Child Prayer.

    1. Thank you Joan for your comments. We can do that! Marybeth

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