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Give Thanks…

“I must not rush though my daily duties worrying that I cannot get all that I wish done. I must do but one thing at a time and by that one duty do my best not worrying over what will become of the others…”

2016-2018 Board members pictured with Fr. Ralph Wiatrowski left to right: Anne Kelley, Loretta Haugh, Melanie Mbuyi, Kaye Rowe, Beth Barrett, Marybeth Baucco, Jean Phelan, Linda Henry, Molly Fanning, Mary Jo Dawson, Lambi Newsham and Carol Pickle.

This quote by Mary Virginia Merrick marked the start of the first board meeting of the newly inducted National Board of Directors on Saturday, November 5th. I chose this quote to emphasize to the new board that although we have our work cut out for us, we will all work together, seeking guidance where needed, to begin to implement our new Strategic Plan. The Christ Child members who answered the call to serve on the National Board are a talented, resourceful, and hard-working group (not to mention, a lot of fun too!) I would like to share a little about them with you today.

Carol Pickle: Carol is our President-Elect and is from Pasadena, California, where she was a Past President of the Pasadena chapter. She also co-chaired their Auction & Treasure sale twice, and served as Provisional co-chair and Treasurer of her chapter. Carol always thought that volunteering should be both fulfilling and fun and so far, Christ Child Society has been just that for her!

Kaye Rowe: Kaye is starting her third term with two as our Treasurer and is from Akron, Ohio. She has been a member of the Akron chapter for 17 years and served on their Executive Board for 14 of them! She is currently the President-Elect for the Akron chapter. The financial expertise Kaye brings to our board is invaluable.

Linda Henry: Linda is our Recording Secretary from the Northern Michigan chapter where she is currently finishing her term as their President. She also served in the past as chair of their Thanksgiving project, Christmas Shopping project and Layette project. Linda had a nursing career that spanned 30 years with 20 of those years serving as an Oklahoma Air National Guard Flight nurse, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. When she was introduced to the caring women of the Christ Child Society, she knew where she wanted to spend the next 30 years!

Beth Barrett: Beth is starting her second term on the National Board and is serving as one of the Vice Presidents. She is a Past President of the South Bend chapter and also chaired many fundraising events there. Her interest in cultural awareness and literacy/educational program development are the result of her varied careers: secondary education and reading specialist, sign language interpreter and Grants Director for her US Congressman and Senator.

Mary Jo Dawson: Mary Jo is also starting her second term on the National Board and is also a Vice President. She has been a member of the Detroit Chapter since 1973. Her work history includes Alumnae Director, PR and Marketing Manager and Major Gifts Coordinator at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and she also served as Director of College Counseling and Associate College Counselor. Mary Jo’s expertise is being put to good use as she leads our Planning Giving program!

Your National Board hard at work!

Lambi Newsham: Lambi is the founder and former President of the Summit, New Jersey chapter where she served as President for four years. She started on the National Board in 2014 as a Director at Large and returns this term as a Vice President. Having raised three healthy children, Lambi is committed to helping babies and children in her community obtain the basic needs to grow and thrive. She is doing a great job planning and organizing Conference and Convention for us! She also is a Project Manager at Citibank in the Global Event Marketing group.

Jean Phelan: Jean is a new Vice President on the NCCS Board. She is also a Past Co-President of the Milwaukee chapter. Jean agreed to serve on the National Board because she felt that because she came from a large, successful chapter, she could share their successes and get help for their challenges!

Melanie Mbuyi: Melanie grew up in upstate New York and now lives outside of Washington, D.C. in Arlington, Virginia. She has one daughter and three grandchildren. She has been a member of the Washington D.C. chapter for over 15 years including serving as their Chapter President. Melanie has been on the National Board since 2014 as Director at Large and co-chair of the Membership Committee.

Molly Fanning: Molly is currently the outgoing President of the Columbus chapter and is a Director at Large for National, chairing the Education committee. She is a wife of 35 years and mother of four who loves to read, travel, and root for OSU Buckeyes and Columbus Blue Jackets. She admired the work of the past National Boards and felt humbled when asked to join-and we are happy to have her!

Loretta Haugh: Loretta currently works as the Membership Director in the Sarasota Chapter and also holds a supporting membership in the Akron chapter. She was honored to be asked to serve as a Director at Large, working to further the mission of serving children at risk. Loretta is excited to further expand her knowledge as she serves on the National Board!

Marybeth Baucco and Anne Kelley at Board welcome dinner

Dinner for new Board members at Maureen Wesley’s home. Pictured: Carolyn Pumphrey, Maureen Wesley, her daughter, Kathleen Vamos and grandson Wesley James.

Anne Kelley: Anne is currently our Immediate Past President who serves as our Communications chair and is on the Canonization Advisory Board. She has been on the National Board since 2008. Along with these responsibilities she has formed a chapter in Monterey Bay, California!! She is one busy lady, and we are so lucky to have her!

I call Willoughby Hills, Ohio, home and have been a member of the Cleveland chapter for almost 18 years holding various board positions including Chapter President. I was privileged to be on Maureen Wesley’s Board as a VP in charge of Conference and Convention and then on Anne Kelley’s Board as the President-Elect. Maureen continues to help National in so many ways especially with our National newsletter and Canonization. Working with both of these ladies has been a rewarding, enjoyable learning experience-one that will definitely help guide me as National President!

I am so thankful for all of the National board members and for all of our hard-working chapters, especially at this time of year when we take time to count our blessings.

“Let every beautiful sight and sound uplift you nearer to Him in gratitude.” MVM

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marybeth Baucco

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