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Christmas Message

This joyous season reminds us of the close relationship between Mary Virginia Merrick and the Christ Child…the inspiration for the National Christ Child Society.


“One Christmas, I recall as I went to bed, I thought deeply on the mystery of the Blessed Night and I caught a glimpse of the abasement of the Son of the Most High God. I can’t describe it but what I had learned so far back that I could not recall any time when I did not know it, came to me with the force of a great and mighty truth. I laid hold on that which had been mine for years – faith in the Incarnation of God. I prayed, I adored, I thought of the Son of God coming to our city as He had done centuries before, at the barred gates and the shut doors, and I longed to welcome Him and wrap his limbs in swaddling clothes and ‘our fellow in the Manger’ laying called me in the night to the voices of the poor of the city – and I longed to do something for His sake most mightily. I did not then conceive or forecast the slightest plan, I merely loved and longed to help Him incarnate for our sake. I know that night this mystery gave me great delight and joy. I catch from this faint glimpse of the joy that made St. Francis dance beside the first crèche ever fashioned, which he set up in the forest near Assisi.” Mary Virginia Merrick


We hope you all have a joy filled Christmas with family and friends and that you continue to see the Christ Child in every child we serve.


Merry Christmas from your National Board!