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Christ Child Society Celebrates

 Whether you are celebrating a “first” or a “70th” event, Christ Child Society’s legacy of love shines forth!

Patty Myler, Past NCCS President and NCCS Historian, recently found and shared with us the following quote from Leonide Delarue, one of the earliest Christ Child members who also served on the first Board of Managers – “Well so long as it lasts, it will have done good.” And for 130 years, we have done good!! This is especially evident to me when I see chapters gathering their members together to celebrate their accomplishments and the impact they are having in their communities!


Duluth Chapter President Kathy Forsman and Board members, Theresa Bower and Rene Zurn greet guests at their first Red Wagon luncheon

This past May, I was honored to speak at the Christ Child Society of Duluth, Minnesota’s very first Red Wagon luncheon. This was an opportunity for Duluth to not only fund-raise but to also “friend-raise” and attract some new members for their chapter.

My presentation, “Serving in the Name of the Christ Child-National Christ Child Society Then & Now,” explored the history of our founder and formation of our organization as well as what we are doing today to spread the word about who we are and what we do in communities across the country.

Marybeth Baucco speaking to Duluth chapter members and guests

I also spoke about what the Duluth chapter has achieved in the short time since they formed, such as manning the Crib Club at the Women’s Care Center, buying items such as cribs, mattresses, car seats and strollers for the store and knitting, crocheting and sewing items such as blankets, caps, booties and diaper bags.


Crib Club of Duluth

Women’s Care Center clients earn points for attending parenting classes, doctor appointments and counseling sessions and they can spend these points at the Crib Club!


Duluth Board member, Dorothy Foley

Duluth’s Red Wagon Luncheon included a large raffle of beautiful, religious themed items. One in particular caught my eye-a beautiful picture of the Christ Child. All my tickets went in to win this because I thought it would be a beautiful addition to the National Office. The winner was pulled-and it was not me! It was Sherry King, Treasurer of the Duluth chapter. She went up to get her prize and to my amazement she said she wanted to donate it to me to take back to the National Office!! What a delightful surprise!


Christ Child Society of South Bend program exhibit

Christ Child Society celebrations continued with the South Bend, Indiana chapter celebrating their 70-year anniversary at their Let Love Shine fundraising event on June 15th at South Bend’s History Museum. The event included a first time look at the museum’s CCS exhibit, “Find a Need and Fill It”, created by the museum’s curator and several South Bend chapter members, including Beth Barrett, current NCCS Vice-President. The exhibit is a reflection of the chapter’s many successful programs.

The South Bend chapter was started by a woman named Rosaline “Puddy” Crowley in 1947. On June 15, 2017, five of her children along with their spouses and children were on hand for the exhibit’s ribbon cutting ceremony. They came together to honor their mother and grandmother and support the longevity of the South Bend chapter and its legacy of love! What an honor for them and for the South Bend chapter!

NCCS Board Members Linda Henry, Beth Barrett and Loretta Haugh attend Let Love Shine event

NCCS board members, Loretta Haugh and Linda Henry, were pleased to be able to attend the event and celebrate South Bend’s greatest achievements!

Guests peruse auction items at Let Love Shine event

This successful fundraising event will provide many of the funds South Bend uses to clothe children in their community in the year to come. Congratulations South Bend!


Thank you for all you do to honor the Christ Child.

Marybeth Baucco
NCCS President

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