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Johanna Warner

Director at Large

Director at Large

My name is Johanna Warner and I have been a member of the Christ Child Society, Phoenix Chapter since 2008. I have held the office of Vice President for 2 years, President for 3 years served on the board of directors and have taken part in our Educational Program, Apostolic Project, have conducted site visits to the many agencies we service, chaired our annual Red Wagon Fare, and served on many committees.
I recently received the most prestige award our chapter offers to a member who has given of their time, talent and dedication, the “Mary Virginia Merrick Award”. Words cannot describe the feeling I had, a moment I will never forget. My family was present for the announcement and I was so proud to have them with me. A very special time for me my family and friends.

I have two children, boys who are married and I have 4 grandchildren. I was married for 52 years to a loving husband, father and grandfather when he was called by the Lord. We as a family have volunteered for the Multiple Sclerosis Society by chairing a 2-day bicycle event throughout Arizona. I continue to volunteer at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and in the Arts and Environment ministries with chair Julie Berkel, also a member of the Christ Child Society, a true mentor, a friend and a dedicated friend to the Christ Child Society of Phoenix.

I moved from New Jersey to Arizona 47 years ago and worked 25 years as a Senior Claims Adjuster for 2 Nationally known companies. My time these days are dedicated to volunteering, travel, playing golf, bowling and spending time with family and friends. By writing this bio, I think about the blessings I have received. I suggest we all write about our challenges and the rewards in our lives. Then we truly know we do not walk alone; we walk our path of life with Our Lord.

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