Leadership Resources

If you are a chapter leader, you can streamline your work by taking advantage of detailed resources designed just for you.  You can start with the Chapter Guide, which is the NCCS “encyclopedia” for chapter leaders, or focus on the toolkits and other documents available for the various types of chapter officers.  Either way, we encourage those who are installed as chapter officers to review these materials at the beginning of their terms, and for those interested in potentially serving as a chapter officer to investigate these resources in advance.  For chapter leaders with responsibilities for programs, marketing & communications, fundraising and spirituality, there is a separate resource page for each of these topics.

NCCS Chapter Guide

This is your complete guide for educating your leaders and members and will help you run an effective chapter so you can more effectively serve more children. You will find helpful information on NCCS’ relationship with its chapters, chapter roles and responsibilities, policies & procedures, program and membership and much more in the NCCS Chapter Guide.

Chapter Leadership Resources:

President’s Toolkit – click on desired information

Treasurer’s Toolkit – click on desired information

Secretary’s Toolkit – click on desired information

Total Board Leadership Package – This is a zip file containing all of the files so you can extract them as needed and have on your local computer. Chapter Guide with All Toolkits – click here.

Marketing & Communications Toolkit

Order Information for Lands’ End Clothing with CCS Logo

Fundraising Resources

Program Resources

Challenging Poverty 


Layettes (Baby Welcome Bundles)