Jean Phelan

Being a member of the Christ Child Society helps me keep in prospective what really matters in life, helping others. As a member you meet other women who are passionate about volunteering. My children all volunteer which I think was because of the example they saw at home. I have made many good friends working on CCS projects. I am pleased to be a member of the NCCS Board and will work to further the mission of Mary Virginia Merrick.

Jean Phelan serves the 2016 – 2018 National Christ Child Board as a member of the Finance Committee, Membership & Expansion Committee, the Conference & Convention Committee and the Education Committee.

Jean has been a member of the Milwaukee Chapter of the Christ Child Society since 1994. She has served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, Financial Director and most recently Co-President. She has also worked on the chapter’s ongoing programs: layettes and My Stuff Bags as well as chairing the chapter’s main fundraiser “The Shower of Love” in 2007 and 2015. She is currently active in the chapter’s vision screening program and cashiering at the chapter’s resale shop.

In 2005 Jean retired as an Equity Research Analyst from a mutual fund company. She currently works part-time at a CPA firm doing tax work.

Jean first started volunteering in her community when there was a vacancy at her parish for a pre-school CCD director. She then went on to be Treasurer of the Home and School Association, Scout leader and room mom when her children were in grade school, and then went on to be an active volunteer at her children’s high schools.

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