Beth Barrett

Through sixteen years of Catholic education, I internalized Catholic Social Teaching; in the Christ Child Society, I found an opportunity to live it. The Challenging Poverty Initiative embodies love, justice, respect, service, community – we put our faith into action.


Beth Barrett serves the 2016-2018 National Christ Child Board as Vice-President, Programs Committee Chair, and a member of the Communications Committee. She is in her second term. She spearheaded the revision of the Challenging Poverty Manual and has led seminars and webinars on the subjects of poverty and cultural awareness.

Beth has been a member of the South Bend Chapter for 23 years. She served two terms on their Board and as President. She has chaired the Clothe a Child ‘paper doll’ campaign, the Annual Appeal, and the first two dinner/auctions. She currently chairs the Strategic Planning Committee and recently designed a museum exhibit celebrating the chapter’s 70th anniversary.

Beth taught high school English and reading while completing a Master’s Degree in Remedial Reading. After earning a second B.A. in American Sign Language, she interpreted for the deaf for ten years. Before retiring, Beth worked on the staff of Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana as Grants Director for three terms and then for two years of his United States Senate term.

Always active in school, parish and community activities, Beth served on the boards of her children’s elementary and high schools and as a member and President of the United Health Services Board of Directors. She now works with a county-wide coalition dedicated to success in early childhood.

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