Our Leadership

The National Christ Child Society is led and operated by a small staff and 12-member volunteer Board of Directors from across the country. The staff works closely with our Board from a small office in metropolitan Washington, D.C. The NCCS 2018-20 Board and staff partner to support our chapters, help grow their impact, raise awareness of our mission, and expand to new areas.

Each member of the National Board is a current member of a local Christ Child chapter, and our Executive Director is a member of the Washington, D.C. chapter. We are guided by a 2017-2021 Strategic Plan,  which focuses on creating and improving literacy and other high-impact programs, enhancing our communications at the National and chapter level, and providing new and improved educational and networking opportunities. We are also focused on building National and chapter leadership capabilities and securing new sources of financial support for our mission.

We are supported in our efforts by our Spiritual Advisor and our Historian, who provide important context to and guidance for our mission and current objectives.

Learn more about our Staff, Board, and advisors. Click on their name for their bio.

Photo: Richard Beauchamp